You’re playing Halo 5 multiplayer and it’s going well! Then suddenly the five-day-old, extra-hot chicken fajitas you ate for breakfast decide they want out in the form of explosive diarrhoea. So because you’re obviously wealthy, you don’t tell your team mates you’re away for a moment, but rather you don your Microsoft HoloLens and sprint to the bathroom. There, ensconced on your porcelain throne (that also has built-in wi-fi because you’re wealthy, remember?) your HoloLens projects an enormous virtual screen onto the opposite wall of the bathroom, and you continue owning noobs while the chicken fajitas own your toilet.

Was that too graphic? I kind of feel that it was maybe too graphic.

Varun Mani is a project manager currently beavering away on Microsoft’s magical HoloLens headsets. He’s just uploaded a YouTube video of himself playing Halo 5 on a TV, only to pause that action and resume playing on a HoloLens-projected, virtual display on the wall next to him. There’s luckily no explosive diarrhoea in his video; I was just trying to illustrate a point, albeit in a gross way.

You can check out the short demonstration below.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the HoloLens doing something gaming related; back in October, Microsoft showed off a neat little (staged) gimmick called Project X Ray.


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