Psychonauts 2 announced, currently being crowdfunded

Psychonauts 2

Remember Psychonauts? It’s impossible not to, what with so many prominent voices constantly raving about the game’s brilliance. Well, Psychonauts 2 has just been announced, and developer Double Fine is once again turning to crowdfunding for the project.

In a video pitch on crowdfunding website Fig, veteran game designer Tim Schafer explains that the team is asking for $3.3 million, and promises that part of the budget will be funded by Double Fine, and part of it by an unannounced third party.

According to the campaign notes, Psychonauts 2 will continue the story of Raz as he visits the Psychonauts Headquarters. It reveals that “Raz will hone his secret agent PSI-abilities – and learn new ones too – using them to solve mysteries and uncover evil plots”, with the headquarters serving as a new hub location. Most of the talent that worked on the first game will be returning, including Richard Horvitz as the voice of Raz. The game is aiming for a 2018 release on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Fig seems an interesting choice for a crowdfunding platform, as it allows backers of a project to become investors, and theoretically earn more from a campaign’s success. It remains to be seen how this investment system will play out, because Psychonauts 2 is only Fig’s third campaign. Also, I should probably remind you that Double Fine has generated its fair share of controversy with its crowdfunded/Early Access games in the past. It’s okay to be excited for Psychonauts 2. I’m excited, but just remember to be cautious with your money and expectations. [Pfft, whatever Matthew TIM YOU CAN HAVE ALL MY MONEY IT’S OKAY YOU CAN PAY ME BACK WHENEVER YOU’RE READY NO BIGGIE. – Ed.]

You can support and track Psychonauts 2 on its Fig page.

Try out Psychonauts on or Steam.

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