Far Cry Primal was unveiled back in October of this year. At the time, it wasn’t certain how many weapons there would be beyond rocks, spears, and bows. The Stone Age doesn’t exactly lend itself to a vast assortment of death-dealing goodies. Only it does, in the form of the numerous wild animals that want to EAT YOUR FACE OFF.

Turns out that your character, Takkar, is a Beast Master, which means you get to control all manner of the aforementioned, face-eating beasties. Basically, Ubisoft has taken the best part of Far Cry 4 (the Shangri-La missions in which you get to command that totally damn cool, face-eating tiger) and crammed it into a new game built entirely around the mechanic. It’s basically what they did with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which took the best bit of Assassin’s Creed III (the brief naval combat bits) and made a whole new game around it.

At The Game Awards 2015, Ubisoft showed off a new trailer showcasing the Beast Master mechanic. After that you can settle in for nine minutes of actual gameplay. Have to admit, this is looking like a damn fine entry into the Far Cry series.

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