Valve-Time Half-Life 2 Episode 4

Some time ago we discussed a cancelled Half-Life 2 episode called Return to Ravenholm. Also referred to as “Episode 4”, it was to feature a new protagonist and take place sometime between Gordon Freeman’s visit to Ravenholm in the original game and the events of Episode 2.

The project was being worked on by Arkane Studios and looked promising, but was cancelled allegedly because Valve felt many of the themes and ideas had been explored previously and were thus redundant.

Return to Ravenholm has been languishing in obscurity for a decade now, with the most recent new info and screenshots having been released back in 2013. Now some new, higher-resolution screenshots have been uncovered, which show off more of the game’s environments. They’re very interesting to behold, because it makes me wonder just what could have been. It also reignites nostalgia for Gordon Freeman’s escapades in good ol’ City 17. Perhaps the project will one day be released for free, even if it’s incomplete.

The screenshots are available at Valve Time and were procured from the portfolio of Robert Wilinski, who was an environment artist at Arkane Studios from 2007 to 2008.

Check out the video below for an awesome deconstruction of the screenshots and links to the previous batch of lower-resolution shots.

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