Back in November, NeoGAF unearthed a PEGI rating for Minecraft Wii U Edition. The Wii U is pretty much the last platform on the planet that Minecraft hasn’t appeared on, so news that the PEGI rating is legit is pretty great news.

On 17 December, Mojang’s blocky-crafty-baby will arrive on the Wii U. It’ll come with a bunch of skins included, such as the City Texture pack, Fantasy Texture pack, Battle and Beast texture pack, and so on. There are plane to release other existing skin and texture packs as DLC. Mojang has also confirmed that they’re working with Nintendo to create some unique content, so expect the inevitable Super Mario Bros. Texture packs.

The game is pegged at $29.99. That’s kind of pricey considering you can pick up the Windows 10 version for a third of the cost (less than R120). That being said, Minecraft with a second screen via the Wii U GamePad is certainly an appealing notion.

Via: Kotaku

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