Apotheon Arena

Apotheon was one of the more interesting projects to appear in 2015. It was a pretty average platformer, but it intrigued everybody with its mythic story and distinctive art style which invoked ancient Greek pottery. Now a free multiplayer-focused expansion has been released called Apotheon Arena.

The game is a fast-paced 2D deathmatch affair which bears similarities to other titles such as SoldatThe Showdown Effect and Booster Trooper. However, there’s just something infinitely more epic about taking on the role of a Spartan warrior and hacking at your friends gladiator-style. Ten maps and assorted modes keep things interesting, while the action remains rather frantic even with just two players.

The game comes as a free update to existing owners of Apotheon. Those of you who didn’t buy it can still play Apotheon Arena as a separate download.

Head on over to its official Steam page to pick up your weapons and fight. Observe the trailer down yonder for a quick history lesson on ancient warfare.

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