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Greetings NAGooos, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably be at my brother’s wedding – this message coming to you from the past, creepy stuff. Anyways, the wedding stuff has been keeping me busy but I didn’t want to neglect you all, so I’m compiled a bunch of videos from the week, interspersed with news. It’s the trimmed-down version of TWIG, with 90% less reading and 100% less scrolling to the bottom to get to the videos. All that after the jump, including a new Star Wars trailer. Sweet.

After a solid beta, Elite Dangerous: Horizons is dropping December 15, with apparently plenty of beta feedback being incorporated. Check out the trailer for the first in a series of expansions, Planetary Landing:

On the subject of launches, Mechwarrior Online has gotten a proper Steam release. I haven’t played this myself, but I have a couple of friends who were in love with the open beta.

Great news – Blizzard’s FPS, Overwatch, won’t be selling future heroes or DLC content – that’ll all be free. Considering they’ve ditched the free-to-play model for this one, that’s more than fair. Check out this video where they talk about some common questions from the community.

Stars Wars Battlefront is a pretty good-looking game, but that doesn’t mean a PC modder isn’t going to try improve it. SweetFX dropped their “real-life” mod, and you can see it in this video along with 4K resolution. Drool. Be sure to toggle up the video res to 4K and let it buffer – it’s worth it.

Bloodborne, I’m told, is a pretty hard game. Not for this guy though, who takes on the two biggest bosses with nothing but his fists and no armour or healing items. So if you want to feel inferior as a gamer, check out this double-header.

Street Fighter 5 drops soon, and to get you ready I’m linking this helpful hints video from Darryl Lewis, who is apparently a big-deal pro-gamer in the fighting scene. The first video has genuinely useful info, while the second has some unorthodox psychological warfare strategy.

GTA Online is releasing a new DLC December 15th, this one entitled Executives and Other Criminals. The best part about this one is the ability to hire henchmen and become your very own supervillain. Check out this trailer:

Remember Rollercoaster Tycoon? This fan video of people tragically (hilariously) plummeting to their deaths will make you want to go play it all over again.

I know this is a games site, but we can make an exception for Star Wars, right? Check out this latest international trailer, with new stuffs:

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!