If you’re at all like me and hearing the words “system” and “shock” said in rapid succession gives you an almighty case of The Ultra Goosebumps, then you’ll be happy to know that a third game in the intensely influential System Shock series has been announced.

And… that’s it really. We’ve not got much else to work with. But holy crap System Shock 3!

The official reveal comes after the accidental early unveiling of a countdown clock that was supposed to signal this very announcement. Night Dive Studios – who only recently recovered the rights to the franchise, and who a short while back released System Shock: Enhanced Edition to much cheer and applause – has partnered with OtherSide Entertainment to create the game, and they say it’s currently “in the early concept stages of development”.

OtherSide Entertainment is the studio currently working on Ultima Underworld successor Underworld Ascendant, and holds former Looking Glass Studios members (including co-founder Paul Neurath) within its ranks. Looking Glass, in case you’re wondering, was the studio behind important games like Thief, System Shock and System Shock 2. Robb Waters, concept artist for the original game, is back on board, and his new SHODAN artwork (the header image to this post) is meant to provide an “early peek at the evolving ‘next generation’ look of the character”.

On that note, of course SHODAN will return. It wouldn’t be System Shock without her, would it? In case you feel you’ve been sleeping too well recently, Terri Brosius is returning as the iconic voice of SHODAN, and hearing her is sure to bring back a few nightmares. Here, have a listen to this teaser clip.

There’s no word yet as to what platforms System Shock 3 will appear on, and obviously there’s no release date yet. If you simply can’t get enough SS, you’ll be happy to know that Night Dive Studios is also currently working on a prettied-up remake of the original game.

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