Psyonix’s Rocket League success is enormous, rakes in $50 million


Rocket League is an awesome game. It’s awesome enough to have won two awards at the Video Game Awards 2015. It scooped up Best Indie and Best Sports/Racing Game – a category in which it beat AAA juggernauts like Forza Motorsport 6 and FIFA 2015. Glorious to say the least.

Developer Psyonix’s bizarre soccer-racing-mash-up gained massive traction when it was the featured free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4. Psyonix, at the same time, sent out copies of the game to YouTubers and various Internet loud-mouths in an attempt to drum-up word-of-mouth sales. It worked: the game, which cost Psyonix $2 million to make, netted them $50 million.

The income is based on game sales and a sizable amount of vanity DLC items that have been made available at a steady rate. A sign of the game’s success (besides its 8 million registered users) was seen when Universal Pictures approached Psyonix to add the Back to the Future DeLorean to the game. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, studio founder Dave Hagewood said, “[the success] didn’t really sink in until [Universal Pictures] told me they had to get Steven Spielberg’s approval.”

Rocket League will be heading onto the Xbox One early next year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal