There has been a lot of DLC released for Batman: Arkham Knight. To be honest, I can’t really keep track of all of it. I know some of it was good, but some other bits (notably the recent “Catwoman’s Revenge” content) wasn’t that great if general Internet hubbub is to be believed.

Tomorrow sees the release of the final piece of DLC: “Season of Infamy”. It brings four supervillains to the “Most Wanted” section of the open-world aspect of Arkham Knight. Those joining the rogues gallery include: Mad Hatter, Ra’s Al Ghul, Mister Freeze, and Killer Croc. Along with new bad guys, the DLC brings a new Batman skin: the Batsuit from The Dark Knight trilogy of films. The original Arkham Asylum Batmobile skin also makes an appearance.

Tomorrow’s DLC is the last batch for the game, and as such is included in the Season Pass of you picked that up. Whether or not it’s the absolute LAST piece of DLC is still to be seen. You can get a look at what to expect in a fairly lengthy Batman: Arkham Insider episode after the jump.

Via: Polygon

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