Psychonauts 2 is now fully funded

Psychonauts 2

With five days left on the clock, Double Fine Productions has hit its funding goal for Psychonauts 2. I think that means we’re getting a new Psychonauts. Wait, let me double-check quick.


At the time of this writing, the game’s Fig campaign is sitting at a comfortable $3,356,502 (roughly 600 billion rand, give or take). The campaign was launched in December to much excitement (and a touch of trepidation, due to Double Fine’s somewhat rocky track record with crowdfunding) via Fig, a platform which Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and some of his fellow developers founded last August. Fig differs from Kickstarter in that, in addition to offering the usual promise of various backer rewards, it also allows you to opt in as an investor and share in the game’s success.

In case you’re wondering, $1.7 million of Psychonauts 2‘s Fig pool came from investors.

Psychonauts 2 doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but it’ll be out on PC, PS4, XBO, Mac and Linux at some point in the future. I’m excited! I can’t not be excited, because I love everything Double Fine does. Well, almost everything. Here’s one of the Double Fine things I love.

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