The slugcat chronicles: it’s time you met Rain World


Rain World‘s been on the cooker for quite a while now. There was a Kickstarter campaign for it way back at the start of 2014 and everything. The small team working on it is apparently nearing the stage where they’ll feel comfortable announcing a release date for the game, and so at the tail end of December they did a Kickstarter update that included a new, six-minute long video of the game and its “slugcat” protagonist in action, along with the reveal of a new enemy type.

There’s a good chance that you might not have heard of Rain World before, so you should come have a look at this, because it’s incredible in motion.

Isn’t that a fascinating thing? Below is a GIF of the new enemy type, the Scavenger, who’re described as “knuckle-walking, tool-using creatures as intelligent and capable as the slugcat”. The team also says it “should be the masterpiece of Rain World AI”. Tasty!

Rain World scavenger

I’ve been kinda, sorta following Rain World‘s development from a distance since it first became public knowledge, but I’ve been purposefully avoiding learning what it’s actually about, because it’s such a brilliantly mysterious-looking thing and I want to go into it fully expecting it to be nothing more than a beautiful but aimless tech demo with excellent physics-based animation and movement, only to be pleasantly surprised that there’s actually a clever, meaningful game wrapped around it. At least that’s how I’m hoping it’ll go.

What I do know is that there’s something about bat-food, and hibernation, and murderous rain, and that there are death-lizards all over the damn place.

If, unlike me, you want to know everything there is to know about Rain World RIGHT NOW, check out its Kickstarter project page and catch up on all the updates. The game’s coming to PC and PS4 at some point in the future.

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