Can’t dodge this: crazy person beats Bloodborne without dodging


And by “crazy”, I of course mean “awesome”. I’ve not yet played Bloodborne. I know, I know, shame on you Dane, what a disappointment you must be to your parents Dane, etcetera. I have played the first Dark Souls though. And it was rough. Like, really rough. Like, “I had to quit playing because it was interfering with my sense of self-worth” rough.

I’m told that Bloodborne is similarly intense, so with that in mind, I’m pretty blown away that someone has managed to beat the game without using a pivotal survival tactic: excessively mashing the dodge button in the hopes that it’ll save your character’s wimpy hide.

If like me you’ve not played Bloodborne and you need a bit of an explanation, the reason dodging and dodge-rolling is so important in Bloodborne is because it makes you invulnerable for a number of animation frames, meaning that you can get smashed in the teeth by an enormous armoured boot and not feel a thing. Spiffy! This is what made Bloodborne player Tolomeo’s decision to complete the game without dodging during any of the boss fights so impressive. And he managed to do it.

As if that’s not astounding enough, Tolomeo did this on New Game+6. In other words, it was his seventh consecutive playthrough of Bloodborne, and this raised the difficulty to make the attempt even tougher. He also never levelled up his character beyond level 4. Tolomeo’s run included most of the boss fights from the base game, as well as the even more challenging boss fights from the Old Hunters DLC.

To give you an idea of the level of perseverance this required, Tolomeo says on Reddit that it took him nine hours just to beat Ludwig the Accursed. If you’re keen to see all the boss fights, there’s this handy playlist of videos.

Here, have a look at that fight with Ludwig below. There’s a lot of swearing. It’s understandable, really.

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