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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 20,000 of anything is an awful lot of anythings. Modder/YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has a mild obsession with pitting thousands of Fallout 4‘s NPCs against one another in enormous, laser-y battles, and the videos that stand as the result of these exploits sure are entertaining.

The latest one sees an army of 20,000 synths marching in unison towards Commonwealth settlements like Bunker Hill and the Minutemen’s former Castle. You should give it a watch. And I’m not just saying that because it opens with Red Alert‘s Hell March. But it does. So maybe I am.

I like how some of the doom-bots seemingly short circuit and stop mid-march, quietly pushed aside by the strides of their unflinching allies. Are they pausing to consider the far-reaching consequences of their actions? Have they just realised one of their robot shoelaces is undone, and are unsure how to remedy the issue? Are they just suddenly incredibly bored by the whole idea of engaging in a pointless war for our amusement?

It’s all very impressive, and it’s fascinating to see Fallout 4‘s engine pushed to such limits. You can find the rest of Cosmic Contrarian’s Fallout 4 playlist here, where you’ll discover such wondrous things as “Liberty Prime VS. EVERYTHING”.

Here’s another one of the conflicts, in which 300 Brotherhood of Steel troops attempt to fend off 30,000 Deathclaws. 30,000 of anything is an awful lot of anythings.

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