Google’s description for The Final Station calls it a “Train Simulator & Zombie Shooter”. If that combination of words doesn’t immediately grab your attention, nothing will.

The game’s got itself a spiffy new trailer. Come have a look.

Looks brilliantly bleak, doesn’t it? Its developers Do My Best (great name) say that in the game you’ll “travel by train through a dying world”. As you progress you’ll have to plot a route between over 30 train stations and other locations, and it sounds like these locations will evolve over time and gradually expose more of The Final Station‘s narrative.

Some of the stations are still inhabited, and you’ll be able to trade and take on new quests at these locations. Other stations are overrun with infected, and you must carefully search them for supplies and other survivors. You’ll have to ensure that you look after your passengers while keeping an eye on your fuel reserves.

Apparently the environment will play an important part in unraveling the game’s story. This is from the game’s official site: “When people leave, their stories are told by the things they’ve left behind. Learn this world by watching how it is falling apart.”

It certainly sounds intriguing. The Final Station is due out later this year.

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