When you think virtual reality, a couple of game genres come to mind. Space-sims, for a start… first-person shooters… first-person stealth? Not so much.

The stealth genre requires movement. You need to be quick, you need to sneak, you need to kill and disappear. Budget Cuts, a new, first-person stealth title for the HTC Vive, handles movement in a VR space in a rather clever way: the game gives you a portal gun.

OK, so it’s not a Portal portal gun, but rather it’s a gun that teleports you directly to wherever your portal puddle lands. It allows you to quickly navigate VR environments and stay stealthy at the same time. You need to stay stealthy, because there are robots that want to kill you. You need to kill them first. You get to do that with throwing knives that you actually throw using the Vive’s motion-sensing controllers. That’s neat!

You can check out Budget Cuts in action below. It’s sure looking very clever! And fun! And possibly tense. It’s heading to the HTC Vive “soon”, but as for the Oculus Rift, the team behind Budget Cuts is battling to get hold of devkit hardware. They make a note of that in small print at the end of the trailer; it’s pretty hilarious.

Via: Kotaku

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