I’ll admit to having a soft-spot for games that get me to feel things; it’s part of the reason why I’m currently loving the hell out of Ori and the Blind Forest. Sometimes games come along that make us totally sad, and that’s a good thing. There were even moments in my Witcher 3 playthrough where I got a serious lump in my throat. I LOVE the fact that video games have reached a level of story-telling that allows them to illicit these sorts of emotions, and it looks like I’m not the only one because there is now an official Emotional Games Awards.

“In video games the complexity and the quality of the emotions that we feel, more or less set our memories,” says Emotional Games Awards founder Dr. Erik Geslin. “You can be frightened twenty times by an alien, lost alone in space and not even keep any memories of this three months after playing this game on your favorite console. But you will never forget the sadness you felt and the context of the day where in a video game, your friend, or your pet disappeared, or the joy you felt when you finally found him alive.”

On Friday, 12 February 2016, the Awards will take place. There are a number of nominees across a range of categories, including some for mobile games, indie games, and artistic achievements. Games nominated include more obvious titles like Her StoryOri and the Blind ForestPapo & Yo, and the hauntingly subdued Never Alone. There’s even an Audience Choice award, which you can vote for up until 05 February.

“The Emotional Games Awards are the first awards given to video game companies and professionals in our industry to specifically reward the quality of the emotions produced in this medium,” the official website reads. A panel of international judges will make the final decisions for each of the numerous categories. You can check out the full list of categories and nominees over here.

Personally, I like this idea. As the official website states in broken English, video games are all too often about violence and war, so it’s nice to step back and celebrate those games that are able to create real emotions in their audiences. That and I’m just a massive sap who cries pretty easily and finds it pretty cathartic. THERE, I SAID IT.

Source: Emotional Games Awards

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