Stasis’ prequel chapter vows to “astound, disgust and amaze you”


The Brotherhood – the local game devs behind last year’s impressively acclaimed horror-adventure Stasis – have revealed their plans to tackle a prequel chapter for the game. It’s called Cayne, and a blog post by The Brotherhood’s Christopher Bischoff explains that they plan to use it as a means to test out new ideas and technologies. Christopher also says that the success of Stasis has made it possible for him and his brother Nic to make the move to full-time game development. Exciting!

In other, significantly less important news, I’m wearing a Stasis T-shirt right now. Does that mean I’m automatically biased? Maybe!

The blog post reveals that, while much of the Cayne chapter’s graphical assets had already previously been built, the team made the decision to scrap it all and start from scratch so that they could incorporate all the lessons they learnt from Stasis in its prequel. “We asked ourselves, “where to from here?” as we’d already completed much of the graphic content for the Cayne chapter so that was the most logical thing to tackle,” reads the post, “but we aren’t people who take the easy route for anything. So we made the difficult decision to build Cayne from the ground up, and apply all of the lessons we’d learned from STASIS to create the best experience we can.”

“STASIS started off as a hobby project, and during production much time was spent trying to get things working. While I wouldn’t consider this time wasted (I discovered a lot of ways how NOT to do things), we’re going into this new chapter with a better knowledge of how our future games need to be put together.”


There’s a heap of stuff that The Brotherhood will be doing differently with the new chapter, and there are some exciting things coming on the technical front. “In Cayne, we’re using Normal Maps and other techniques to get more dynamic lighting. Shader systems allow us to tint the scenes and adjust the mood of the rooms in real time, again allowing a more fluid nature to the games creation.”

While everything will no doubt be prettier and shinier in the prequel chapter thanks to all the tech improvements, the game will still be as gritty and gut-wrenching as you’d expect. “I want to push the design of Cayne into new directions. Cayne will portray more of Nic and my personal game styles – in all aspects, from the story to characters and environments. We want to bring in something slightly different to STASIS universe to challenge ourselves. But Cayne is set in the same universe, so we aren’t going to stray too far from our 80s roots.”

You can read the full post here. To tell you the truth, I’ve yet to play Stasis. It’s sitting in my Steam library, waiting for me to make time to take the plunge. Rick reviewed it though, and was quite pleased with it.

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