Fan-made Half-Life: Opposing Force sequel gets approving nod from Valve


Have you still not given up hope that Half-Life 3 exists somewhere, right now? Do you feel that all you’ve got to do to keep its flame alive is fuel it with your undying hopes and dreams? Then I’ll bet the emotional reprieve you get whenever something tangible to do with Half-Life appears must be extra sweet. I’m sure you shed a tear when Valve gave the Black Mesa team their blessing, and I’ve no doubt your heart nearly stopped when you heard news of this prettification mod for Half-Life 2. Anything to keep the spirits up during The Long Lambda Winter, ‘ey?

If the words above hit some sort of extra-delicate nerve, then hold onto your butts, because there’s a Half-Life: Opposing Force sequel incoming. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL Y’ALL.

It’s called Prospekt and it’s the work of an especially dedicated HL fan named Richard Seabrook. Valve has officially given the sequel approval to be sold on Steam next month. The game’s been in development for 18 months, and at one point Richard actually packaged a build of it in a custom-made Half-Life briefcase and sent it to Gabe Newell. It didn’t lead to him getting a job at Valve, but the story has a happy ending anyway, what with the game having been greenlit on Steam in less than 72 hours.

Prospekt spans 13 levels and continues the story of Opposing Force protagonist Adrian Shepherd. Adrian finds himself in City 17 during the chaos of Gordon Freeman’s rebellion against the Combine. To be more specific, the Vortigaunts send you in just as Freeman heads into Nova Prospekt, so you can helps swing things in his favour. As if the Freeman needs any help Adrian, jeez, haven’t you read the spoilers?

As an added bonus, you’ll see a bit of a boost in terms of graphics and AI capability compared to vanilla HL 2. There’ll also be a Xen level in the game, which is quite a treat given that most fan-made thingies tend to shy away from tackling Xen’s, uh, infamous personality.

The game is out on February 11th. You can pre-order it via Steam at a discount for just under R100. Full price when it launches will be R109. If you want to learn more about its development, PC GamesN has an interview with its creator.