Consortium: The Tower is looking promising

Consortium The Tower cover

Are you a fan of narrative-heavy and decision-laden games like Deus Ex? Do you also enjoy action that takes place in a confined space, like in Die Hard, Dredd, or Snowpiercer? If you answered yes to any of those, then Consortium: The Tower might be right up your alley. The game is currently on Kickstarter – hit the jump to see why it looks so exciting.

Consortium: The Tower by Interdimensional Games is the far-more-ambitious sequel to 2014’s Consortium. Set in the year 2042, players are assigned the role of Bishop Six, a power-suited force of justice who must rescue hostages from the high-tech Churchill Tower. The kicker is that players can choose to complete their mission however they see fit, whether it’s using stealth and non-lethal means, or by raining hellfire and giddily flying around with a jetpack.

Judging by the trailers on the campaign page, player choice will be a strong focus in the game. Encounters with other characters are dialogue-heavy, giving players the option of working with various factions or of throwing their weight around and being bossy. Several factions will be involved, and the developers promise interactions and evolving relationships with each of them. For example: abuse your powers too much and your superiors will disable your suit and abilities, only for a shadowy faction to reactivate them and have you work with them. Another very interesting feature is that the hostage situation in the tower has attracted massive media coverage, and NPCs will often speculate or report on your actions. This means that players can see the consequences of their choices, and the developers have promised that these decisions will leave an impact on the story. Check out the trailer below, it gives a good look at the various systems and gameplay types.

Head over to Consortium: The Tower on Kickstarter if you’re interested. If it reaches its goal of 450,000 Canadian dollars, the game will hit Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One someday in the future. And if you want to try the first game, it’s currently dirt-cheap on Steam.