Rise of the Tomb Raider has done well with critics. The game sits with a Metacritic average of 86 based on 96 positive reviews, 6 mixed reviews, and ZERO negative reviews. Yep, the game is good. (I say this having not played it; but that all changes next week.)

There’s already been a helping of DLC for the game: a survival challenge mode that I hear is kind of fun to muck about in. Personally, I’m all for more story content, and that’s arriving next week on 26 January.

The “Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch” DLC promises hours of new content and new areas to explore. There’ll be new enemies to murder and, from the looks of the trailer that you can find after the jump, some pretty creepy stuff going on. Baba Yaga, in case you didn’t know or are too young to have played the original 1989 Quest for Glory, is a witch from Slavic folklore. She lives in a house that’s perched on top of two giant chicken legs. I’m really hoping that Lara has to say “hut of brown, now sit down” before she can gain entrance to said chicken house.

The DLC will also be available on the PC, when that version FINALLY releases next week Thursday, 28 January. PlayStation 4 users: sorry, no tomb raiding or chicken-leg huts for you for another 11 months or so.

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