Dark Souls is not a series that’s very forthcoming with plotlines and over-arching lore. It says what it feels it needs to in its settings and scenes, and then gets you to fill in gaps while you’re not DYING A MILLION TIMES. With that in mind it’s good news that there are plans to release a Dark Souls comic book in April.

Simply titled Dark Souls, the comic series will be penned by George Mann and drawn by Alan Quah. The story will not be an adaptation of the game, but rather a whole new story set in the world of Dark Souls. It’s being published by Titan Comics.

The first issue will be out on 06 April; less than a week before Dark Souls III is set to release. The first issue will feature 5 different covers.

According to Mann:

“I’m ‘dead’ excited to be working on this new series (see what I did, there). Dark Souls has a rich, original universe that’s just begging to be explored in comics, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to delve in and tell some new stories within it. I’ve been a fan of the games for some time, so it’s a real thrill to be able to contribute to the mythology of the Hollows and their world.”

Source: IGN

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