Mortal Kombat X is a GREAT fighting game. It’s also a great Mortal Kombat game, which is worth mentioning because there was that AWFUL period after Mortal Kombat 3, when the series just sort of got stuck in a tailspin that was only corrected by 2011’s Mortal Kombat at the LAST SECOND before impact.

The thing with contemporary video games is that if you want the whole experience, then you have to wait months after the initial release. Luckily, Warner Bros. has announced the aptly named Mortal Kombat XL, which kind of sounds like a porno spin-off that one could find somewhere in the dark underbelly of the Internet.

Anyway, Mortal Kombat XL (snigger) is out in March for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’ll include all the upcoming DLC as well as previously released DLC. Basically, all of this:

  • Brand new playable characters the Xenomorph from Alien, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror film series, Triborg and Bo’Rai Cho (all of which you can see in action over here)
  • Never released Apocalypse Skin Pack
  • Previously released content including playable Goro, Brazil Skin Pack, Kold War Skin Pack and Kold War Scorpion Skin

The Kombat Pack 1 DLC is also included:

  • Playable characters Predator, Jason Voorhees, Tremor and Tanya, with each accompanied by three themed skins
  • Samurai Skin Pack

That’s a lot of content then.


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