Wuun. Tiishyna, upaffi. I’ish ta’uul Far Cry Primal ta-him pa! Neam tuta mishka, jaboo dalun-kah.*

*Here’s totally a new trailer for Far Cry Primal, you guys! It’s got lots of things getting stabbed.

In this trailer you’ll get to see the two rival tribes that will be making protagonist Takkar’s life difficult. It’s up to you to murder leader Ull of the cannibalistic Udam tribe, as well as priestess Batari from the “fire-worshiping” Izila tribe. Did we mention that Izila tribe are also slaver? Because they’re also slavers, apparently.

Far Cry Primal is out next month, which is kind of soon! So if leading a Stone Age tribe to glory in a land named Oros sounds like your thing, and you haven’t recently frozen to death in a French cave, then you should probably make a note of 23 February. If you’re on PC then you’ll need to diarise 01 March because delayed PC releases is just how Ubisoft rolls, yo.

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