Latest Arkham Knight DLC immortalises players by putting forum quotes into the game


This is cool. The more cynical among us will, understandably, look at this as nothing more than a PR stunt to quell the continual negative sentiment shown towards Rocksteady and the PC port of Arkham Knight, but it’s still cool.

The latest piece of DLC for Bats’ current outing is the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6. It adds a bunch of the classic Challenge Maps that have made appearances in previous Arkham games in the series. Naturally, there’s a sizable amount of nostalgia that goes with these maps.

Rocksteady has added numerous forum quotes from multiple members; they pop up as you’re selecting which classic Predator Challenge Map you want to play via the menu. So, for example, you could get a quote from forum member MrSnessBitt, who says: “This map brilliantly showcased how old and ill-stricken the asylum had become… [It] simply encapsulated the feeling of being Batman in the old asylum.”

Quite a neat idea, isn’t it? The Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 us already available on the PC. For those playing Arkham Knight on console, you’ll be able to pick it up on 26 January. The DLC is free for everyone.

Via: Kotaku