Paragon pushes mid in latest trailer


Compared to some people I know, I wouldn’t exactly say my MOBA knowledge is extensive. I spent a fat chunk of time playing Heroes of the Storm last year, and I dabbled in League of Legends for a while, but at best I’d call my MOBA knowledge “passable”.

What I do know pretty well is action-packed first- and third-person shooters, and I’m told by a reliable source that a little-known company called Epic Games has made a few of those. That same reliable source kept passionately shouting out words like “UNREAL” and “TOURNAMENT” and “WAR GEARS”, so much so that they reached a point of delirious fervour where I could barely make out any actual words between the maniacal laughter and wild wooting. I eventually put the phone down.

Epic’s taking time off all their busy shooter-ing to make a MOBA. It’s called Paragon. Have you heard of it? There’s a new trailer for the game, and you should probably watch it.

Yup, that definitely looks MOBA-ish, what with all the creeps and lanes and towers and people bashing one another over the head with snazzy abilities. It’s billed as a gameplay trailer, although I don’t feel as though I got to witness much Actual Gameplay. With its third-person perspective it looks more Smite than Heroes of the Storm, and seeing as I’ve heard mostly good things about Smite that’s probably a plus.

The game’s official site tells me that Paragon will feature some sort of deck-building system that’ll let you upgrade your abilities and fine-tune your strategies as you play. They’re also making a big kerfuffle of how skill-based its mechanics are, and how its enhanced sense of verticality will force you to change your approach to MOBAs. “Skill matters – where you aim, when you attack, and how you move,” Epic says. “Dive into the depths of the jungle to flank your enemy, or scale the heights to strike from above. Real elevation on an open map means you’ll have to rethink the way you approach the fight.”

One thing I know for sure is that it sure does look pretty. The game’s set to get a paid Early Access release in the second quarter of this year and an open beta a few months later. Here’s the announcement trailer from back in December, if you’re eager to see more.

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