sven co-op

Valve seems pretty content to let the community keep its Half-Life franchise going. From permitting the release of Black Mesa as a paid product to giving their blessings to a fan-made sequel of Opposing Force, they’re letting the fan service work towards its natural conclusion. Such is the case with the latest entry of Valve-endorsed fan modifications now appearing on Steam: the classic Sven Co-op.

The mod, which is nearly two decades old, was a staple of LANs back in the day and still retains a passionate fan base. As the name implies, you get to tackle Half-Life‘s world as a team, with added skills and assorted little tweaks to make the experience more interesting with multiple players. The real kicker is that you don’t even need a copy of the original game in order to play. That’s right: Valve has, in essence, released Half-Life‘s campaign for free. It doesn’t stop there, as there’s a multitude of maps and game modes to try, ranging from the silly to the surreal.

Hook some of your mates into it and then grab the mod by visiting its official Steam page.

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