I’d imagine many people out there have yet to discover the existence of Necropolis, the next game from Shadowrun devs Harebrained Schemes. I wrote something about it in NAG magazine ( 🙁 ) a year or two ago and I remember it already looking wonderfully intriguing, but to tell you the truth I’d actually forgotten about it between then and now.

It’s now shot back into my sights with a fresh release date. Let me tell you about Necropolis real quick.

Necropolis calls itself “a diabolical dungeon delve” and is described as “3D action meets roguelike”. Trailers and GIFs show off something that immediately brings to mind a procedurally generated, simplified vision of Dark Souls and its From Software chums. You play an adventurer attempting to find the elusive exit of a shifting, dangerous dungeon. It’s promised that the combat is thoughtful and strategic rather than button-mashing chaos, and it’ll all come down to timing and generally being as careful as possible. This is from the official site:

“Welcome to Necropolis – a game of brutal combat and survival, set in a magical deathtrap that shifts and reconstructs itself around you. Will you find the exit, or die trying?”

It’s also got a fantastic low-poly art style that I quite like, and is probably a key reason for why I feel so drawn to it. Here, have a look at the most-recent trailer I could find for it:

Nice ‘ey? I’m fond of its offbeat sense of dungeon-crawler humour. If you’re as interested as I am, the release date is March 17th, and that announcement is joined by the welcome news that Necropolis will feature four-player co-op.

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