Case modding has become its own art over the years. From the crazy patience of modders splicing IDE cables with a scalpel ready for sleeving, to the current generation of modders dremeling everything in sight, it’s almost an initiation right to those who call themselves true PC enthusiasts. To award and celebrate this new talent, Cooler Master today kicks off the Case Mod World Series 2016, a global competitive modding event that promises to pit you up against the best in the business. This year’s jackpot totals $30,000 in cash and prizes, and Cooler Master has teamed up with ASUS, Avexir, Dremel, NVIDIA, and OCZ to sponsor prizes and hardware for the competition.

“Modding has exploded in recent years and is taking root in every corner of the globe. The Case Mod World Series is about fuelling that growth. It’s about igniting the modding spirit – the maker spirit – on the web and right in your community,” said Michelle Wu, Cooler Master’s global community manager. “This year, we will be running local events to involve modders everywhere. Together, with the generous support of our sponsors, we hope to enable the modding community the world over. ”

The “maker spirit” is the philosophy behind several of Cooler Master’s products, the Mastercase series in particular, where they encourage users to adapt and modify their products to their heart’s content. If you’ve been active in the PC community for the last few years, you’ll have heard about the insane things people do with cases like the tiny Elite 120, or the gargantuan Cosmos SE. The winners for 2015’s World Series were quite something.

This year, the judges panel will be quite varied. The panel includes modders known worldwide and that have been past participants in the World Series, and they are Ermanno Bonandini (Italy), Ronnie Hara (Brazil/Japan), Richard Keirsgieter (Netherlands), Antony Leatherman (UK), and Richard Surroz and Brian Farrel from the U.S.A. The judges will be looking at cases according to the following criteria, which are equally weighted – they are complexity, design, originality, and overall look. If you want an idea of the kind of detail that people go to in their events, check out the video below.

The Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2016 starts today, 26 January 2016. You can check out the rules for the competition regarding submission dates and when you need to have your first build logs completed. If it’s the prizes that get you thinking creatively, you can see all about those here. If you’re new to the modding scene, or need inspiration, visit the Cooler Master community forums and find something that makes you want to be a maker.

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