Street Fighter V is all set for launch on PC and PS4 on February 16th. If you close your eyes and concentrate, you can almost feel the ground ripple and shake as the planet’s entire fighting game community does a triumphant, carefully synchronised fist pump in celebration.

Capcom has revealed that, for the first time in the series’ long history, Street Fighter V will be getting a “cinematic story experience” not too long after the game launches.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean the game will launch without its usual assortment of mini-stories for each character, which will help establish their personalities, motivations, rivals and background stories. Those will still appear at launch to give lone wolves something to enjoy, and these stories will be illustrated by Capcom artist Bengus, otherwise known as “Gouda Cheese”.

In June the game will receive its full cinematic story, which Capcom says “takes players deep into the Street Fighter action and mythology through beautifully rendered cutscenes”. This story mode will arrive via a free update, and takes place in the time period between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

Capcom has previously revealed that, instead of enhancing the game via a thousand standalone Ultra and Super and Stupendous Street Fighter launches, Street Fighter V will instead be revamped via updates and DLC. Importantly, balance changes and the like will be free. Apparently completing the story mode will earn you enough Fight Money (an in-game currency being employed by the game) to buy a new DLC character.

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