Giblets: Logitech exits the OEM mouse market

logitech oem mouse

For the last two decades, Logitech has supplied OEM manufacturers of PCs and notebooks with their very standard, very uninteresting remodeling of the Microsoft Intellimouse. Logitech got its start selling mice to consumers in the early ’80s in California, and expanded operations to supply OEMs with their designs in the late ’80s to early ’90s (their Wikipedia page is rather lacklustre when it comes to describing their formative years). With the yearly drops in desktop computers being sold by OEMs like Dell and HP, Logitech has decided to exit the market and concentrate on more premium products for retail markets, which still see growth.

I had a chat with Logitech’s head of gaming for the EMEA region, Andreas Schicker, at rAge 2015, and he told myself and the other journalists in the room the same thing – Logitech no longer wants to compete against budget brands, and no longer wants to try eke profits out of a market that is constantly shrinking. This sounds like a good idea to me.

Source: Anandtech