Publisher Electronic Arts has opted for a no-show on the floor of E3 for 2016. EA ordinarily has an enormous presence at the show, and has prefaced their E3 appearances with large keynote presentations that are usually held on the Monday prior to the expo’s Tuesday opening.

This year, EA will instead host its own show that will be made open to the public at a venue adjacent to the LA Convention Centre Center. The event, called EA Play, will kick off on Sunday, 12 June 2016 in LA. It’ll run for three days, ending on Tuesday, 14 June, which is the day that E3 opens its doors. A simultaneous EA Play event will be held in London, but just for one day on 12 June.

EA Play will shift all of the publisher’s news, demos, and hands-on experiences from E3 to their own event. And because it’s open to the public, EA is obviously hoping for some organic coverage of their new products. There will, of course, be live streams throughout the three day event, so you’ll be able to see what’s going on.

Source: EA
Via: Polygon


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