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Microsoft and Sony have both announced their line-up of “free” games for February 2016. Let’s have a look at what games PS Plus and Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers will get access to next month.

PS Plus

The headline acts on PlayStation are the top-down shooter Helldivers (for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita) and Nom Nom Galaxy (a bizarre game about gathering resources, producing soup and fending off violent competition) for PS4. PS Vita owners get access to a reimagined classic with Lemmings Touch, and also Nova-111, a game that blends real-time and turn-based mechanics for all kinds of science-themed shenanigans.

Finally, PS3 users get the intense racing sim Grid Autosport, as well as the well-regarded, cel-shaded fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Source: PlayStation blog

Xbox LIVE Games with Gold

Games with gold

Xbox One gamers have a slight advantage this month, because thanks to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, all the Games with Gold are playable on one system. Available from February 1st will be Hand of Fate, a unique RPG for Xbox One that blends card-based mechanics with Arkham Asylum-esque combat, as well as Sacred Citadel, an Xbox 360 game that launched in 2013. Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling beat-’em-up set in the Sacred universe.

From February 16th, the stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows will be available for Xbox One, as well as the 360 classic Gears of War 2. It’s Gears of War, so it doesn’t need any introduction.

Source: Xbox Wire

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