If you’ve perused the list of our favourite games of 2015 (spread over two parts), you’ll know we think that Sunless Sea‘s a bit of alright. This roguelike was right up our alley, with its tales of eldritch decadence and decay festering in the subterranean gothic locales of the vast Unterzee, told with some of the best prose I’ve seen in a game – so long as you don’t mind your “Z”s being swapped with your “S”s (S’es? Esses?).

Well, looks like our tastes are going to be put to public trial, as you’ll be able to try it for free this weekend on Steam — and, if you so choose, procure it at a 40% discount — which is a steal and has no initial terror penalty (You’ll learn, oh yes. You’ll learn). It surfaces just as a new video from Failbetter Games emerges to give you a short, guided tour of its upcoming Zubmariner DLC, which provides access to Sunless Sea‘s underwater depths and delights.

Hit the jump for both the Zubmariner trailer and the original launch trailer.

Source: Steam

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