EA exec lets slip that PS4 has sold nearly twice as many units as XBO


This has always been an area of intrigue: what are Xbox One sales like compared to the PlayStation 4? If you read Mr. Chris “Cantankerous” Kemp’s weekly news wrap-up, you’ll notice that this piece of, well, news, has cropped up on NAG Online already. We feel it’s kind of worthy of its own spot because GOSH WE’VE ALL BEEN DYING TO KNOW HOW SALES FIGURES COMPARE.

Last Friday, Electronic Arts held a financial call in which their chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen inadvertently disclosed the total sales figures for the Xbox One. To be clear, he didn’t straight-out say, “Oh, the Xbox One has sold THIS much,” but instead revealed the total, global lifetime sales of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined. That figure is 55 million units.

So then, we already knew that Sony has sold 36 million PlayStation 4 consoles; they don’t have an issues about shouting their sales figures from the rooftops. Microsoft is more reserved; likely because they’re pretty far behind with a total global sales figure of 19 million consoles. This is, of course, assuming that EA’s 55 million figure is accurate, which it more than likely is as they’d be privy to that sort of industry information considering their corporate presence.

Read into this what you like! Me, personally: I’m willing to bet my left butt cheek that had Microsoft had a clearer reveal/launch with the Xbox One, things would look different. The fact that the early months of the Xbox One were such a PR disaster (no denying that) means that Sony had all the marketing ammunition they needed. Oh Business, you fickle beast you.

Via: Arstechnica