The Witness makes me want to puke, and it turns out I’m not alone


I’m currently playing a review copy of The Witness. That review will be up as soon as possible, but I’ve got to warn you: it might take some time. Why? Well, the game makes me ill. As in, I feel physically nauseous after I’ve been playing it for an extended period of time.

At first, I didn’t really give it much thought because I’ve NEVER experienced motion-sickness in a first-person game before. To be honest, I kind of half-consciously put my slight nausea down to the fact that this game was making me think REALLY hard, and that coupled with lack of sleep (thanks, 6-month old baby!) I sort of assumed might result in nausea.

It turns out, however, that The Witness has a problem with it’s field of vision settings, and a number of people on the Steam Forums and Reddit are reporting issues. According to Eurogamer, the problem is widespread enough for game developer Jonathan Blow to have caught wind of it. He’s apparently testing an “Experimental Anti-Motion-Sickness Update #1” that should make an appearance in a future patch. You can read about that in his post over here.

It’s pretty convenient though that I can blame my tardy review on the fact that I’m trying not to hurl while playing. The real reason is more likely because man, this game has some MEAN puzzles in it. So far I’m LOVING it; there’s nothing quite like it and it’s a wonderfully refreshing experience… albeit one that sometimes makes my head hurt.