They see me farmin’: Stardew Valley out this month


Monday. Erch. Yuck. You know what this day needs? A splash of relaxing virtual farming complemented by an attractive assortment of pixel art cuteness. Stardew Valley calls itself “an open-ended country-life RPG”, and it’s instantly grabbed my full attention because it looks like a charming cross between Harvest Moon and Terraria. The game’s being made by solo developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone with the backing of Chucklefish Games, the team behind money-machine Starbound.

It’s now got a release date, and there’s a fresh trailer to accompany the good news. Come have a look.

My tired brain is besotted with all that. So calm, so soothing.

In Stardew Valley, you’ve just inherited your grandfather’s unkempt farm, which is nestled within the titular valley. You’ve got to learn to become a better farmer and live off the land, raising animals, growing crops and crafting an array of useful gadgets to return the place to its former glory. There’s a nearby community of people to interact with, a dangerous cave system to explore, a range of potential spouses to court, fishing spots to visit and various skills to improve. Your house and your character can be customised to your liking, there are five different skills to improve and it looks like there’s loads of opportunity for semi-carefree adventure in Stardew Valley.

Plus, it’s all so damn cute. Just look at that goat’s face as it’s being milked. JUST LOOK AT IT. The game will be out for PC on February 26th, and there’s also plans for four-player co-op to be added post-release.