Mod showcase: Killzone Source


If Dante had included a tenth circle of Hell in the Divine Comedy, it would have been dedicated to platform exclusivity. Thanks to mod creators, we sometimes see unofficial ports of console-exclusive games on PC. A case in point is the excellent Source mod that is Killzone Source.

The famous Helghast-murdering simulator is right at home on PC, but it isn’t a complete port nor is it a pixel-perfect recreation. It’s in fact a reimagining of only the first game’s fourth chapter, Strange Company, in which our protagonists must find and rescue the hybrid Hakha. It takes a lot of liberties with the look and feel of the world, invoking Half-Life 2 visuals but staying true to the original mission’s level structure. The difficultly has also been ramped up and there are a lot more enemies to kill.

Interestingly, the mod includes many sounds, textures and models ripped from the PlayStation game. There’s even a cut-scene included in all its antiquated glory. Players will also find that Luger accompanies them throughout the mission, though Rico is mysteriously absent. The balance of the enemies and firepower has been slightly altered, but all the familiar guns at this particular point in the game are available and all of them look superb.


The experience is unfortunately short, consuming roughly an hour. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent little burst of gameplay that’ll leave you wanting a fully-realized port of Killzone‘s debut title. And it’s all free.

To play, you’ll need a Steam account and the Source SDK 2013 singleplayer. Once installed, right-click on it, select “properties”, navigate to the “betas” tab and select “upcoming” from the drop-down menu. Then, download the mod from Mod DB and extract it to your Steam’s “sourcemods” folder, which is usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods (or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods if you’ve got a 32-bit version of Windows).

Happy Helghast hunting!