Grip, Rollcage’s spiritual successor, is now in Early Access


Ah, Rollcage. Those were some good times.

Now, one of three things just happened. Thing one: you silently responded with something like, “Ah, Rollcage. Those were some good times, Dane.” Thing two: your brain shrugged, given that you’ve nary a clue what a Rollcage is, or if you need one to survive a trip to the Free State.

Finally, there’s thing three: you’re still laughing out loud because you thought Rollcage was the worst of all things, and you can’t believe anyone ever let it near their person. In which case, you aren’t welcome here. Shoo, you Rollcage-hating sod. Shoo!

Are they gone? Good. Because Rollcage‘s spiritual successor has just embarked on the Steam Early Access adventure. It’s called Grip, and it looks like this:

Shiny! Grip is a high-speed racer that’s being made by a team that includes two of the developers of the original game. Like Rollcage, in Grip it’s no big deal if your car flips over, because you’re able to race around on what used to be your roof. Also, you’re able to drive up walls and on ceilings if you’re moving fast enough. There’s also a range of different power-ups (like missiles and shields and turbos) to use to get the edge on your opponents. Nifty ‘ey?

The Early Access release only includes one of the eight vehicles planned for the final version, and there are three modes to be played across seven tracks. Currently you can play either against the AI or multiplayer via split-screen The full release will feature twelve tracks (set across four “exotic” planets), ten power-ups and a career mode.

The team say the game should be done by the end of 2016, although if all goes according to plan that won’t mark the end of development. They’re eager to keep adding more tracks, cars and other assorted goodies to the game long after launch.

If you’re keen to opt into the game in its incomplete state, you can nab it on Steam for R169. Here’s another trailer, if you need further convincing:

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