Nintendo has shipped 31 million Amiibo, reveals most popular by region


Holy. Crap. Nintendo fans sure do love their Amiibo. In a recent quarterly report, Nintendo revealed that they’ve shipped 31 million Amiibo figurines since the collectibles went on sale in June 2014. The toys have a significant contribution towards Nintendo’s quarterly earnings.

In addition to the shipped figure, Nintendo provided the top 10 Amiibo figures for each region in which the collectibles are available. The regions split between Japan, North America, and Europe. South Africa’s Amiibo favourites likely fall into Europe’s stats, in case you’re wondering.

Japan’s most popular Amiibo figures are:

  1. Splatoon Girl
  2. Splatoon Squid
  3. Splatoon Boy
  4. Mario
  5. Classic Mario
  6. Modern Mario
  7. Isabelle
  8. Kirby
  9. Green Yarn Yoshi
  10. Digby

North America’s favourites:

  1. Link
  2. Bowser
  3. Toon Link
  4. Mewtwo
  5. Sonic
  6. Pikachu
  7. Classic Mario
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Mega Man
  10. Ganon

Europe’s top Amiibo:

  1. Classic Mario
  2. Link
  3. Splatoon Squid
  4. Green Yarn Yoshi
  5. Mario
  6. Smash Mario
  7. Pikachu
  8. Splatoon Boy
  9. Toad
  10. Splatoon Girl

Do you collect Amiibo? How does your collection match up to Europe’s?

Via: IGN