Conan O’Brien might have just leaked the DOOM box art, and if he has, it sucks


The Super Bowl is about to turn US TV into a whirlwind of consumerism and marketing. It’s the primest of prime-time advertising; you all know the drill by now. Conan O’Brien is already tweeting teasers to his Super Bowl segments, and his Super Bowl edition of the often hilarious Clueless Gamer segment will be featuring the new DOOM.

His tweet might have inadvertently revealed that game’s box art. I really hope it hasn’t. Because that box art is shit.

I’ll admit that I might be a little picky when it comes to box art; if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I can bitch about this particular topic quite often. But box art doesn’t ever have to be boring. This tweeted DOOM box art is SO boring. Out of all the amazing new creature designs in the upcoming DOOM, they go and stick a space marine on the cover? The player’s space marine is the least important character in the DOOM franchise. In the original games, you didn’t even know what he looked like unless you started playing multiplayer, or you saw the (amazing) original box art.

Fortunately we might be getting ahead of ourselves, as Bethesda’s VP of marketing Pete Hines tweeted that a box art “reveal” would be coming soon. His tweet, however, neither confirms or denies that O’Brien’s tweet contains the final box art.

I’m hoping that this is just placeholder box art, because without the DOOM logo on the cover, you’d be excused for thinking this is just any other FPS. This kind of reminds me about what happened with Bioshock Infinite‘s “generic” box art. 2K’s marketing basically made that game’s box art just like every other FPS’ box art in order to appeal to the Call of Duty crowd. They eventually made the cover reversible.