Oh look! A new Godus game

Godus Wars

The latest chapter in the strange and troubled story of 22 Cans’ Godus has unfolded. Godus Wars hit Steam yesterday, and it adds tradition RTS-style gameplay to the core of the god game.

According to its Steam page, Godus Wars allows players to embody one of four deities and battle for domination against other divine beings. In keeping with Godus‘ roots, the battlefields will also be completely malleable, which could make for some memorable, dynamic battles. Godus Wars is available as a free update to all who previously purchased Godus. Likewise, anyone who buys Godus Wars gets Godus bundled with the purchase.

Peter Molyneux, legendary/infamous game director of Godus, posted an open letter on the Steam page, addressing the creation of Godus Wars. In the letter, he highlights what he believes the original Godus was missing. “Really what it lacked was brutality, was war, was the ability to take on challenge and use your god powers and sculpting powers to fight, war and battle. And that’s where our initial concept of Wars started.”

Currently, Godus Wars is available in Early Access. While the finished game is planned to have seven continents, the current build has just two, one of which is only available by purchasing a “premium add-on”. The build also features two Deity opponents, one of which is Bryan Henderson, the victor of 22 Cans’ first “experiment”, Curiosity.

It’s available for R159. For my opinion on the original Godus, check out this Mobile Monday review.

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