Let’s be honest here: this isn’t exactly surprising. Warner Bros. has, in a post on Steam, revealed that the Mac and Linux versions of Batman: Arkham Knight have been canned. It’s unsurprising because of the disaster that was the PC version’s release.

“We are very sorry to confirm that Batman: Arkham Knight will no longer be coming to Mac and Linux,” the Warner Bros. post reads. “If you have pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Knight for Mac or Linux, please apply for a refund via Steam.”

Despite numerous updates to the game, the PC version of Arkham Knight remains buggy. For me this will always be one of the most depressing stories from 2015, as Arkham Knight was SUCH a great game, and really deserved better than this. If salty comments are things that you love, then you’ll want to head over to the Steam post to read the general reaction. It’s… not pretty.

Source: Steam
Via: Eurogamer

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