Doom gets a release date

Doom cover

Check your armour and load your BFG, because the long-awaited Doom finally has a concrete release date: May 13th. Before you whip out your calendar: yes, it’s releasing on Friday the 13th. Hopefully there won’t be a delay, because the next Friday the 13th is next January.

Anyway, Bethesda also unveiled a bunch of new details and a trailer. Check it out below.

Coming hand-in-demonic-claw with news of the release date was the unveiling of the Doom Collector’s Edition. It comes bundled with a sweet 12-inch statue of a Revenant standing on an LED-lit base, making this the most bad-ass nightlight ever. Priced at $119.99 (R1902.87 locally), it also comes with the obligatory steelbook case with different cover art to the standard edition.


As a pre-order incentive, both the standard and Collector’s Edition will ship with the Demon Multiplayer Pack. This includes various skins, decals and consumable power-ups, all for use in multiplayer. And if none of the above gets you excited for some demon stomping, check out the brand-swanking-new trailer below. Unfortunately, the trailer confirms Miklós’ worst fears about the cover art.

Doom will be launching on May 13th 2016 on a PC, PS4 and Xbox One near you.