Uh-oh: XCOM 2 players reporting performance issues


Another launch, another slew of problems. XCOM 2 has been reviewing really well, so it’s unfortunate to hear that some players are reporting performance issues across a broad spectrum of rigs. A cursory inspection of the negative reviews seems to confirm that there are legitimate optimisation issues for some players.

Turning on anti-aliasing at any level seems to send even the most buff rigs into a tizzy, with some users reporting drops to roughly 20fps on NVIDIA GTX 970s. Similarly, the dynamic lighting and shadow settings seem to be packaged with a massive performance hit, which some have speculated is due to components on the maps being somewhat randomly generated now, unlike the handcrafted locales of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Users are reporting pauses and halts within the game when the action camera – you know, those wonderfully cinematic camera sweeps the previous XCOM employs when drawing a bead on an enemy or reacting from Overwatch – takes control, with the game sometimes waiting a couple of seconds before any damage calculations are done. Apparently there are also some odd issues with effects and animations not occurring.

It would be far less of a catastrophe if they could pinpoint a particular cause, but experiences vary widely across similar-specced rigs. A demo would have been nice, ‘ey? Anyway, those interested in picking it up should probably wait it out before spending their cash. We’re in the process of reviewing it and will have our verdict up as soon possible.