Apple rejects The Binding of Isaac for inappropriate content


Last week it seemed like The Binding Of Isaac was all set to make its debut on iOS. Unfortunately the port, handled by Nicalis, raised the ire of Apple because the game violates some of its criteria for being allowed on its digital storefront.

The reason? The game depicts child abuse. As in, the titular Isaac suffering at the hands of his deranged mother who believes it is God’s will that she punish her son. Apple doesn’t allow software depicting violence towards, or abuse of, children.

While the game is certainly twisted and disturbing, the decision has left fans baffled and its developer more than a little annoyed. Other games depicting violence towards children (such as Limbo and The Walking Dead) have previously been greenlit by Apple. Even Nintendo, famous for its censorship, have sold the game’s remake on their devices despite initial misgivings.

It remains uncertain at this time if the decision will be challenged. The game may also make it to iOS devices via other avenues, such as Cydia.

Source: Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez’s Twitter account