Check out Steam’s Lunar New Year sale

Steam Cover

In celebration of the Chinese New Year Steam is currently having a Lunar New Year sale, which promotes cultural awareness in between discounting more than 8,000 games. Check out more details on the sale after the break.

Like most other Steam sales, the Lunar sale has an interesting narrative experience attached to it, wherein players guide a monkey (because this is the Chinese Year of the Monkey) as he makes his way back to his city. Along the way he’s faced with choices, and each choice results in a page of recommended games for the player to browse.

For example, the monkey arrives at a crime scene (as all monkeys do from time to time). Players then decide whether to help investigate the crime, or flee. Investigating presents a bunch of crime-noir games like Blues and Bullets or The Wolf Among Us, while fleeing recommends games like Action Henk or Race The Sun. At the end of the game, it takes players to their Steam Wishlist to test how much disposable income they have. It’s quite charming.

Steam choice

The sale runs until the 12th of February. Head over to Steam to see what’s available.

Source: Steam