N++ is headed for PC this year


If you’re a masochist and can’t get enough punishing platformer action, you’ll be pleased to know that Metanet’s seminal run-and-jump excursion N++ is heading its way to Steam sometime later this year.

N++ is a reworking of the original N which wooed gamers nearly a decade ago. It’s a fine example of minimalism in both design and presentation, casting players as an agile ninja navigating small obstacle courses whilst avoiding hazards and collecting gold blocks. Levels get increasingly difficult and slick reflexes are the order of the day.

N++ is basically N on steroids, offering 2,360 levels, multiplayer, trophies/achievements and a soundtrack consisting of six hours of awesome music. Initially released for PS4, developer Metanet has expressed disappointment that the game received relatively little attention on the console and hopes that the PC audience will be more receptive.

The original game can still be played for free on its official site. N++ on PC has yet to receive a trailer, but you can check out this one for the PS4 edition:

Source: NeoGAF post by Metanet co-founder Raigan Burns