Got a few minutes? Check out Rototo: Space Survival


If you’re looking for a fun, short burst of entertainment for your mobile device, Rototo should be planted firmly within your crosshairs.

Emphasising minimalism and simplicity, the game sees players controlling a static, abstract object in the centre of the screen. Threats appear from every angle and it’s up to you to move your object’s shield in order to block their attacks. Enemies appear in various forms and either shoot projectiles or home in on you for a kamikaze assault. The best way to survive is to deflect shots back at your enemies, but as time wears on and more bad guys appear, this becomes an increasingly difficult task. After three hits, it’s all over.

There’s no point other than to survive as long as possible and rack up score. In this regard it plays similarly to other games such as Super Hexagon, albeit far less frantic and difficult.

The game is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. Grab it and get blocking.