The Division open beta coming soon

The Division Beta

Feeling salty over not getting access to The Division‘s closed beta? Feel salty no more, because Ubisoft has announced that we can all get our mitts on The Division‘s open beta, which is hitting systems this month.

Xbox One users will once again have an extra day of access, starting on the 18th of February. PC and PS4 users get to achieve closed car doors on the 19th, and the beta ends for all platforms on February 21st. The beta can be pre-loaded on any platform from the 16th onwards.

As added incentive for new and returning beta players, Ubisoft says that a new story mission has been added that wasn’t in the previous beta. Furthermore, many cheats and issues present in the PC version have been ironed out. In case you’re wondering who you’ll be shooting at, here’s a trailer showing off the various villainous factions.

The Division will be launching on the 8th of March for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: The Division official website